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**To the Pointe. Faculty reserves the right to place your dancer(s) according to their individual ability, particularly in the following classes. Ages are used as a reference only and may not reflect the absolute or class average. Dancers usually enroll in each class more then once. The names of the classes may stay the same from year to year but trust that we plan the classes to allow your dancer to continue to grow each and every year. We are professionals in our field, please allow us to make the educated decision when it comes to the placement of your child. Each individual dancer's overall health and well-being is our priority.**


Pointe is a class focusing directly on exercises to prepare students for going on Pointe. Dancers will be put through a vigorous barre routine to strengthen the muscles necessary to dance in Pointe shoes. Dancers should have had classes with Ms Heather for at least 2-3 years, must also be registered in Ballet III or IV and should be registered for two ballet classes per week. A weekly conditioning class such as Pilates is also recommended. Studio, Teacher & Doctor Approval Needed. Students must have completed a Pointe Prep class. Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Leather Split-Sole Ballet Slippers (Pointe Shoes will be needed at different times depending on ability). Hair must be in a bun, no bangs.

Pointe Prep

A short session class to prepare students for Pointe Class. Students will discuss healthy foot care, the parts of a Pointe shoe, the care & keeping of their Pointe shoes and how to properly sew the ribbons on. Learning how to wear the shoes and safely rise en Pointe will also be a part of the class along with some beginning barre exercises. Teacher & Doctor Approval Required. By invitation only.