~Did you know??

Joseph Pilates created the exercise technique that bares his name to improve the rehabilitation program for the many returning veterans of WWI. He immigrated to NYC in 1926 where he opened an exercise studio next to NYC Ballet and began teaching and adapting his techniques for healing & injury prevention for dancers. It is a widespread exercise class now, gaining popularity for it's relaxation, breathing and strengthening mat exercises. It is also known for aiding in back pain.

Classical Pilates Ages 12+

Wednesday 6-7pm Studio B Dianne

Cost: Enroll in monthly autopay at a discounted rate of $40/month or

purchase a Class Punch Card for $120 (10 classes - no expiration date).

Class cards may be used for all adult classes...mix & match.

Pilates is a method of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates during the early 1900's designed to strengthen the powerhouse (which consists of the abdomen, lower back and glutes). Since almost all movement begins and depends on these particular muscles it is very important to be aware of their condition. In our Pilates class you will learn the basic Pilates exercises along with modifications and advancements. We will practice controlled breathing, stability, concentration, and flowing movements, using the weight of our own bodies for resistance and strength training. Our highly trained, certified instructor gives each student personalized attention for optimized results.

Benefits include: * Better Posture * Strengthened Torso Muscles * Alleviates Back Pain * Reduces Stress * Increased Flexibility.

Comfortable exercise attire and barefeet or socks are encouraged. Mats are available for use at the studio or you may bring your own.