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Dance Mix for Homeschoolers Ages 5-7 & Ages 8-12

With alternating warm ups in Ballet Barre, Jazz Isolations and Modern/Lyrical Conditioning, this class will focus on many of the wonderful styles of the dance world. Dancers will learn traveling steps and center combinations in styles such as Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, Jazz & Hip Hop. Cultural studies of dance will include brief lessons in Salsa, African, Polynesian, Irish, Native American, Character Dance and more. Dancers should wear pink or tan convertible tights, any color leotard, tan half soles (foot undeez) and tan pedinis or tan jazz shoes. Dance skirts (wrap-like) are encouraged. Hair should be worn in a clean bangs or strays in the face. Ms Bri would be happy to grade, sign or write recommendations for passing if needed for an athletic or arts credit through your homeschool organization. Please contact Ms Bri at [email protected] if your homeschool group or co-op is interested in scheduling a session. 

Girl Scout Dance Sessions

We are happy to arrange lessons to help scouts in our area earn their badges related to dance. Please email Ms Bri at [email protected] to make arrangements.