Dance Classes

TTP is proud to offer a variety of dance classes for all ages and levels. Beginning as early as 2 years old, in our Tiny Toes or Preschool Ballet dance classes, children can explore the fun of dance while improving their gross motor skills and coordination. Our dynamic educational curriculum for children ages 5-7 allows each child to develop a love for dance and movement through Ballet dance, Tap studies, Hippity Hop and Intro to Jazz. By age 8, children’s possibilities are endless including Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Irish, Modern and more. Each introductory level class sets the foundation for what each progressing level is built upon. Dancers may also audition for one of our Performance Companies.

All students who have made the choice to participate in dance classes at TTP need to understand that proper dance attire is part of the discipline and commitment to their study of dance. When all students are dressed appropriately and alike, their focus remains on dance. Please review the specific dress code for your selected class in the description area. In addition, the following will be enforced:

  • At no time is street wear allowed in class.
  • All students shall wear their hair secured off their face. (Ballet students must wear buns).
  • No gum chewing in class. No necklaces or loose jewelry in class.